Diving Tompotika

The diving on the Peninsula

The dive sites in the region are mostly rocky reefs that concentrate a rich marine life. The reefs are dry or large rocks covered with a very dense fixed fauna: black coral bushes, gorgonians and extremely colored soft corals where the fish abound.

The sites offer various dives.

Along the coast are “muck” dives. On the sand or on dashing reefs, these dives are conducive to the discovery of the macro creatures that made the reputation of Sulawesi, such as frog fish, ghost fish, mimetic octopus to name a few. The dry and rocky peaks offer dives more exposed to currents, with many schools of fish and pelagic: surgeon banks, trevallies, barracudas, tunas, and reef sharks that feed on the myriad reef fish. Eagle and mantas rays are also often present.

The abundance of life is the consequence of a great wealth of water, especially plankton, which has corollary sometimes limited visibility.

The average is between 15 and 20 meters, but can sometimes go down to 10. The sites are located between 10 and 30 minutes from the center by boat (6.5 meters boats for 4 to 5 divers + 1 guide).

Most sites are around the 2 small islands in front of the Lodge, and just in front of the bungalows you will find a big black sand slope for unlimited “muck” dives (frogfish, hairy frogfish, blue ring octopus, ghost pipe fish, are among the species frequently spotted).

  tompotika dive sites location copy                                                                                  #1 – TOMPOTIKA SANDS – Muck Dive

Just in front of the bungalows on the village beach. Actually there are at least 2 sites as the beach is very wide. Black sand, muck dives. Can find frogfish, hairy frogfish, various kind of octopus(coconut, wonderpus), flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish, crabs, etc…This site may be not accessible from December to March if there is swell.

#2 – COLINA REEF – Macro

Reef about 7 to 12 meters deep, ideal for night dives or beginners. Nice corals and macro subjects.

#3 – ALI BABA – Wide Angle & Macro

Max. depth 25 meters.  Rocks, sand and corals.

2 big boulders on a 27-meter sandy bottom. Gorgonians, tubastrea corals, glass fish, schools of surgeons and orientalis sweetlips. Many gorgonians on the sand , pigmy sea horses. Many other boulders when going up on a bottom of 15 to 8 meters, canyons and 2 swim through, interesting topography, nice soft and hard corals stands.

Interesting critters: Pigmy sea horses, nice nudibranchs, orang outan crabs, shrimps, Wrasses juveniles.

Fish: Crocodile fish, Sweetlips, Surgeons, solitary barracudas, wrassses, glass fish, groupers, barramundi cods.

#4 – ALI BABA 2 – Macro

Starting from the same spot than above but going  North instead of South, there is an interesting slope with some inner canyons. Interesting critters.

#5 – BATU GONG – Wide Angle

This fantastic dive site consists of 2 large ridges with a top at 13 meters, and bottom at 35  meters. The site is marked with a buoy to facilitate entry and descent.

Black coral forests, soft corals. High density of fishes: Schools of trevallies, giant trevallies, tunas, barracudas, oriental sweetlips, lot of banner fish, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, eagle ray, occasional manta ray, turtles. This dive is subject to currents.


Sandy – gravel slope with macro subjects: flat worms, nudis (including donuts nudibranch–Doto greenamyeri–we found in a few occasions) , mantis shrimps. In the upper part, 10 mts and above, boulders, rocks and nice corals formations.

#7 – ENTRE 2 MERS – Wide Angle & Macro

Many rocks and boulders on a sandy bottom form 20 to 7 meters. Due to strong currents this dive can only be performed during slack tides. Beautiful topographie and colourful soft corals in canyons. Macro subjects as Zanzibar shrimps, pygmy sea horses, rare nudibranches. Sweetlips, barramundi cods, fusiliers, groupers.

#8 – TANDUK – Wide Angle

A world class dive site, with ridge, Big rocks and boulders on a sandy bottom from 20 to 30 meters.

Beautiful topography, huge gorgonians, soft corals, tubastrea. The dive is full of life with anthias, big schools of surgeons fish and trevallies, banner fish, eagle ray, occasional thunas and  manta ray. This dive is subject to currents.

#9 – ARAH BALANTAK – Macro

A sandy slope with small boulders and corals, with interesting critters.

#10 – SOLAN REEF – Wide Angle & Macro

An underwater ridge with a top at 5 meters. On the east side it forms a wall, with lot of fishes. Schools of rainbow runners, surgeon fish, ocasional thunas passing by, white and grey reef sharks, eagle rays.

Lobsters. pigmy sea horses, nudibranchs, ghost pipe fish.

#11 – BATU TETEK – Wide Angle

A set of ridges on a west-east axis, with a small part emerging. Otherwise the top is at 6 meters. Subject to currents so we always try to dive it during slack tides Wall and slope on both side of the ridge, wipe corals and tubastrea. Max depth 35 meters. Schools of Surgeon fish, barracudas, trevallies, thunas, napoleon wrasses, banner fish etc.. Grey reef sharks, eagle rays.

#12 – BATU TETEK 2 (Western Part)  – Wide Angle & Macro

Corresponds to ridge between the emerged rock and the coast. The ridge is cut by several beautiful canyons. Schools of sweetlips, eagle rays, tunas. Macro subject too.

#13 – BATU DALAM – Wide Angle

Rocks and boulders on this underwater marine that has a top at 32 meters. A short dive but a lot of life!

#14 – ONDOLEAN ROCK – Macro

AT the entrance of Ondolean bay, a large emerging rock. Beautiful dive sites with stands of soft and hard corals. A beautiful canyon with colorful soft corals split the rocks in two. Nice macro macro subjects including nudibranches and flat worms, ruban eels, pigmy sea horses, orang outan crabs, scorpion fish, frogfish, leaf fish etc…

#15 – ROCK AND WRECK – Wide Angle & Macro

Big boulders on a sandy bottom from 12 to 30 meters. At 10 meters there are the remains of a small steel boat wreck. (can see the hull and the broken bow that did probably hit the rock). Beautiful topography with soft corals and gorgonians, Anthias, bumphead parrotfishes, barracudas, barramundi cods, groupers.

Ruban eels, nudibranchs, pigmy, crabs and shrimps.

#16 – LEO’S REEF – Wide Angle

Just of the a rocky point, there is a submarine mount. Nice canyons and beautiful gorgonian field on the outer slope. Clouds of trigger fishes. Trevallies, groupers, seetlips. White tip sharks.