Excursion to the Maleo reserve

A Maleo Bird sanctuary is located on a beautiful beach about 20 kms North from the resort. (The Maleo is an endemic bird of Sulawesi). It can be accessed by road or by boat; the visit should take place in the morning to observe the birds digging their nesting holes in the sand in which they lay their eggs in . 

Tompotika summit

A 3 days / 2 nights excursion to climb up the Tompotika mountain (1500 meters). We organise the tent, guides and food. Although there is nothing technical in the trek, it requires a good physical condition due to the difficult paths and the heat. 

Cloves and other plantations

Explore the local farming by visiting a clove plantation. In the area, coconuts, cloves, chocolate, honey are amongst the most important resources. Discover the importance of these plantations in the local life and enjoy the green surroundings.  

Local cooking

Come back with a nice experience and memory. Meet with a local family and learn how to prepare a local dish.  

Bycicles and kayaks

Explore the village and the surroundings with our bicycles on the road or across the coconuts plantations. Or visit the lonely beaches with our kayaks, this is all free !  


Bats clonies live on the islands of Pulau Ampat, 25 kms north from the resort. We rent a canoe from the locals to observe their take off at sunset.