In locale life

Conservation of the area is inherent to the project.
During the construction of the resort we noted a certain degradation of the reefs and fish populations compared to what we use to see during our cruises in the early 2000s. This degradation was mainly due to the use of illegal fishing technics and unfortunately still very widespread in Indonesia: blast fishing and cyanide fishing. The conservation and restoration of the area has therefore become a priority. In partnership with the local authorities, we have set up a control and patrol system in order to enforce the law and suppress this illegal fishing. Our efforts have paid off and the reefs have now recovered well, with a shark and fish populations also steadily increasing.
The maritime area surrounding the resort is now officially declared a protected area. Only tourism and traditional fishing activities by the villagers of the surroundings are authorized there. In order to differentiate the commercial activity of our resort from our marine protection action, we have created an association, the Tompotika Foundation. In September 2021, we signed a partnership agreement with the Indonesian government for the management of this protected area.